Downey’s Honey-Butter is produced by Honey-Butter Products Co., Inc., at a single, dedicated facility, which is located in the small town of Manheim, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  The current owner's family has specialized in handcrafting Downey’s Honey-Butter for more than 65 years.

Downey’s Honey-Butter is produced deliberately in small batches to allow the artisan’s touch to result in a masterful blend of tantalizing flavors.  Created using a carefully determined profile of honey, both Original Honey-Butter and Cinnamon Honey-Butter are all-natural, and they contain no additives, no preservatives, no dyes, no trans-fats. 

Downey’s Honey-Butter has been known in the United States for its unique and distinctive flavor since 1942. Many grandparents who had a tradition of eating Downey’s Honey-Butter as children now share their love of Downey’s Honey-Butter with their grandchildren.

Over the years, Downey's Honey-Butter has been featured in many restaurants. Most recently, Downey's Honey-Butter has become available outside the United States. 

Downey's Honey-Butter is drizzled over warm croissants, and spread on bagels, cornbread, biscuits and crumpets. In addition, it is used to add sweetness, flavor, texture and moisture to chicken biscuit sandwiches. Cinnamon Honey-Butter is used as a topping for sweet potatoes, pancakes, and apples, as well as bread products. Both Downey's Original and Cinnamon Honey-Butter can be used as ingredients in cooking and baking.

The company’s production facility is located on two acres of land on the southwest side of Manheim, a small town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, known for its rolling green hills and picturesque dairy farms.